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Steve Jobs

[[Alex Ivlev alloc] init]

My name is Alex Ivlev and I am passionate about building iOS applications, writing Objective-C, and playing with ARM assembly. I also have experience writing web applications using JavaScript and HTML&CSS. In addition, I enjoy experimenting with PHP and Node.js. I can be reached through email, LinkedIn, GitHub, or Twitter.


When I was growing up, the possibility of living in the United States was as real as going to the moon. Nevertheless, through code, sweat, and tears I am here. Back then, one of the fears I had, was to grow up to be a boring person having a boring career. I watched my parents come home tired everyday from the job they did not care about — they have made that choice because they had to. Back then, I decided to choose a different path in life and pursue my passion: a career in tech. To achieve this goal, I moved to USA in May 2006. I graduated from a university and became an iOS engineer with eight apps in the App Store.



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